Loaded Fruit and Nut Granola

Loaded Fruit and Nut GranolaApril 29, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Gluten Free 

Granola has traveled far and wide since its original invention in late-19th century America. It has been a "health" food, a "hippie" food, and, now, pretty mainstream. You can buy granola pretty much anywhere — we’ve even seen it at gas stations!  What you can’t buy anywhere else, though, is Trader Joe's Gluten Free Loaded Fruit and Nut Granola.

We challenged ourselves to create a truly delicious granola, made without gluten. Finally, you can get all the great flavor and crunch you love about granola — without the gluten! Trader Joe's Fruit and Nut Gluten Free Granola is delicious, crunchy, and sweet (but not too sweet). It's made just for us in small batches, using 100% natural ingredients. Instead of the usual wheat and oats, we use corn, which is naturally gluten free. It's a mix of crunchy grain & seed clusters, with generous amounts of unsulphured dried fruits like raisins, cranberries and apricots, as well as coconut, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, walnuts and pecans. It's truly Loaded.

Try our Gluten Free Loaded Fruit and Nut Granola with milk or yogurt for a power breakfast, or enjoy it as a snack, right out of the bag. (Check out our Protein Power Bowl recipe) Give it a try — even if you normally eat a diet that includes gluten. We think it stands up to the challenge on taste, texture, and even price. Gluten free products can be expensive, but we're selling this Granola in a 12 ounce resealable bag for the terrific price of $3.49. You'll find it in our cereal section.


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