Garlic Powder

Garlic PowderApril 29, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

From California • $1.99!

You could spend a whole lot of money on spices. We don't, however, understand why you would spend a whole lot of money on spices when you can buy them at Trader Joe's for such staggeringly good prices. Take our Garlic Powder, for example. We start with garlic that's grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The freshly harvested bulbs are carefully dried, then ground into a granulated powder.  Trader Joe's Garlic Powder is a simple product, in a simple bottle, with a simple label. It's really no different from most of the garlic powder you’ll find in most stores. Except for the price. Ours is $1.99 for a 2.6 ounce jar — that's a pretty standard size. Other brands in other stores? Well, they're a whole lot more.

We use a lot of Trader Joe's Garlic Powder when we cook — on burgers, in sauces, in stir-frys, in scrambled eggs, in dips… It has big, bold, vibrant garlic flavor and aroma to go along with its delightfully low everyday price of $1.99 for each 2.6 ounce glass jar. You'll find it in our spice section.


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