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Fritters made of beans, fresh vegetables and herbs, Falafels have been called "the hot dogs of the Middle East." An apt comparison for a ubiquitous street food, frequently tucked between bread and topped with condiments. We've visited our fair share of falafel vendors all over the world, and were thus inspired to create our own version of this vegan favorite. Trader Joe's Falafels are made according to a traditional recipe, starting with dry garbanzo beans that are soaked overnight and then ground with onions, cilantro, tomato, parsley and coriander. Crafted into small pucks, they're quickly fried in soybean oil, so the outside is crispy but the inside has a moist, crumbly bite. They heat from frozen in mere minutes and are right at home stuffed into a pita with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and hummus. We're selling each 12 ounce package of 12 Falafels for $3.69 (that's about 30¢ a piece!). Find them in our freezers!

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