Low Calorie Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Low Calorie Cranberry Juice CocktailFebruary 4, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read, price & availability may have changed.

Is it possible to make a great tasting, low calorie juice cocktail without resorting to the inclusion of artificial sweeteners? Yes, it is. We know this because we've developed Trader Joe's Low Calorie Cranberry Juice Cocktail, which is the pudding supplying the proof. 

The secret to our low-cal success is no secret at all. We use fruit juice concentrate, sweetened with a blend of sugar and stevia extract—a natural, calorie-free sweetener—to keep the tart-to-sweet ratio to our liking, while simultaneously reducing the calorie count to a mere 40 calories in each eight ounce serving. Most importantly, it's good. With less sugar, and significantly fewer calories than you'll find in most juice. Sweet. It's also a sweet deal, at $3.99 for each 64 ounce bottle, plus deposit where required. You'll find Trader Joe’s Low Calorie Cranberry Juice Cocktail on the shelves with our other bottled juices and teas.

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