Oatmeal Cups

March 07, 2017 in Category: What's New

We’ve recently launched two new Oatmeals, both of which are unique and tasty in flavor, and convenient and easy in presentation. Each Oatmeal starts with hearty rolled oats, of course! In the case of our new Tart Cherry, Chia & Pumpkin Seed Oatmeal, these oats are nutritionally boosted with chia seeds. Tantalizingly tart dried cherries partner up with nutty, crunchy pumpkin seeds to complete this heart-warming profile. One serving (the whole cup) provides 6 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein, as well as 20% of your recommended daily intake of...

Organic Toasted Coconut Granola

February 22, 2017 in Category: What's New

“Gotta love crab. In the nick of time, too. I couldn’t take much more of those coconuts…”

~ Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks in Castaway)

Chuck Noland is the exception. Unless you remain stranded on a tropical island, it is probably more likely that you can’t get enough coconut. (And if you’re reading this, we’re assuming you’ve been rescued.) Landlubbers, like yourself, are typically fond of Trader Joe’s because of our comforting cache of coconut products that help fill your coconut fix. Our newest coconut product comes in the form of...

Biscuits (and Gravy).

February 20, 2017 in Category: Product Stories

We've long been fans of the ease of bread from a tube. We know, doesn't sound very "foodie" of us. But in fact, when time is short and appetites are long, the convenience of fresh-from-the-oven bread you can make and bake in just a few minutes is the essence of epicurean (and impossible to resist!).

Break Fasts, Not Hearts

February 05, 2017 in Category: Entertaining

It’s often been said that breakfast (or brunch, if you wake up on the later side) is the most important meal of the day. It would follow then, that on a day like Valentine’s Day, breaking bread with your beloved is a big deal...