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It’s the most flavorful time of the year. But with all of the halls that must be decked and gifts that must be given (you can’t forget your zany Great Aunt again), it can be a stressful time, indeed. Hark! Trader Joe’s offers an eye-catching assortment of yuletide yumminess that’s sure to inspire endless amounts of holiday cheer and tickle the taste buds of everyone on your “Nice” list. We even have the gift wrapping covered. Our reusable bags ($0.99-$6.99) are better than any basket or tissue paper. Plus, once they’re emptied, the recipient can fill them up again, and again, and again... And they’re fairly stylish, if we do say so ourselves.

The Entertainer

Know someone who's passionate about party-throwing? Feverish for festivities? The bringing together of family and friends over food is no small feat, and these seasonally-inspired wares will help you acknowledge the efforts put forth by a heroic holiday host. It's a selection of salty, crunchy snacks, something sweet and rich, and something a little unexpected (Cocktail Stirrers you can eat?!) that will help the recipient throw a heartwarmingly hoppin' hootenanny.


Pistachio Pomegranate Crisps | $3.99 | 5.3 oz.
Inspired by the success of our other Crisps (Fig & Olive, Rosemary, etc.), this year we challenged our supplier to create a festive flavor that included distinctive ingredients and colors that are so often associated with this time of year. Pistachio Pomegranate Crisps, like their forebears, are thin yet substantial crackers that hold cheeses and dips with aplomb. Studded with pieces of nutty-sweet pistachios and sweet-tart fruit pieces, they're twice-baked to ensure maximum crunch.


Cocoa Glazed Roasted Almonds | $5.99 | 12 oz.
New this year to your neighborhood Trader Joe's are Cocoa Glazed Roasted Almonds: a slightly sweet, cocoa-rich crunchy treat you can enjoy amidst the holiday craziness. Inside this bag are fresh California almonds that are roasted and double-glazed, first with a sweet, honey-sugar combo, then with cocoa powder. They're chocolatey enough to satisfy a sweets craving, but not so sweet that you feel like you're eating candy.


Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam | $2.99 | 10 oz.
This Jam begins with slow roasted garlic and onions, which are then simmered in small batches with balsamic vinegar and herbs. It makes an excellent condiment for roasted meats and vegetables, elevating it to “instant power player” on your holiday dinner table. It’s also a welcome, thoroughly modern addition to your party’s cheese tray. A schmear of Roasted Garlic & Onion Jam is an excellent complement to our Five Year Aged Cheddar, Fromage Pavé or Great Big Gouda.


Cocktail Stirrers | $4.49 | 17.6 oz.
Mini, plastic skewers are hand-threaded with a gherkin pickle, baby onion, green chili pepper, red bell pepper chunk, carrot piece, and Manzanilla olive – all marinated in a spicy brine with garlic and dill. They’ll shine a spotlight on staid-ish cocktails like martinis, gin & tonics and bloody Marys, and you can use them as appetizers or as part of a tapas meal. Keep a jar on hand and you’ll always be ready for last-minute guests. Imagine how impressed folks will be when you can make a fancy cocktail. At the drop of a hat. On a Tuesday.


O' Tannenbaum Crispy Potato Snacks| $1.99 | 5 oz.
If you’re celebrating jolly holidays and parties are in your plan, these crispy, waffle-cut potato snacks can kick off the celebration. They're colored with spinach powder and festively cut to resemble evergreen trees. Equally as interesting, they happen to be gluten free! You can pair them with dips as diverse as ranch, queso, or classic onion. Celebrations aside, you can put them in lunchboxes, enjoy them as afternoon snacks, or even leave some out for the big guy in red—one can only eat so many cookies, after all.

The Gourmand

Our Buyers travel far and wide to discover incredible products at WOW values throughout the year. During the holidays, however, they get a chance to go wild with seasonally inspired specialty items, glee-inducing gifts and and temptingly tasty treats. Similar items of this culinary calibre out in the marketplace often have a hefty price tag to match—not so in our stores! This particular epicurean collection will be appreciated by you, your giftee, your wallet... even Fido.


Rainbow of Honey | $9.99 | fl. oz.
They say there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. What if the rainbow IS a pot of gold? It is when that rainbow is Trader Joe's Rainbow of Honey, a collection of six different honeys in a range of hues, each from a different place and foraged from a distinct floral source. At the WOW price of $9.99 for 24 ounces of honey (six four-ounce jars), It's the perfect holiday gift for the honey-lover in your life.


Joyous Joe | $7.99 | 11 oz.
Joyous Joe is a collection of some of our favorite seasonally available coffees, made with 100% Arabica beans that are ground and packed in the perfect size to make a single, scrumptious pot o’ joe (about 10-12 cups). Inside the box you’ll find our peppery Wintry Blend, spiced Gingerbread Coffee, minty Peppermint Mocha and of course, the ubiquitous Pumpkin Spice Coffee. Buy Joyous Joe as a host or hostess gift and you'll be the guest everyone wants to 'get." Joe, Joe, Joy Joy!


Italian Long Stemmed Marinated Artichokes | $5.99 | 18.7 oz.
These giant Italian Artichokes are peeled and trimmed by hand, then marinated according to Tuscan tradition with the bright flavors of parsley, mint, garlic, salt and white wine vinegar. While they would be right at home on an antipasti platter, the considerable size of these ‘chokes makes them an impressive addition to holiday gift baskets, or an elegant option for the center of your dinner plate.


Salty Honey Toffee Chocolate Crackers | $3.99 | 6.75 oz.
When are crackers considered candy? When they're covered with honey, toffee and chocolate! Each Salty Honey Toffee Chocolate Cracker is enrobed in smooth, creamy milk chocolate, and then hand-decorated with diced honey toffee and almond pieces. In an inspired finishing touch, a dusting of ground coffee complements and completes the eyebrow-raising flavor profile.


Jerky Treats for Dogs | $4.99 | 5 oz.
Pets have to put up with cranky in-laws and gregarious grandchildren taking over their domain during the holiday season, just like their human counterparts. They, too, deserve a special little something for good behavior. These Jerky Treats are made with antibiotic-free salmon and antibiotic-free, boneless, skinless chicken breast meat. They’re slowly smoked over hickory chips until they reach the dog-approved, crispy jerky texture, then packed into a clear bag and tied with a vibrant red ribbon and tag, ready for gifting: To Fido, with love.


The Greenthumb

Colonial American poet Anne Bradstreet said, "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant." If Ms. Bradstreet were still here today, she'd be delighted to discover that a pleasant winter is indeed possible, that is, in the Plants & Flowers section at Trader Joe's. In addition to bright mixed bouquets and striking single varietals, we offer an eclectic selection of hardy winter plants and vibrant holiday decor at this time of year, for both indoors and out. Thumbs of all colors, rejoice!


Air Plant Terrarium Ornament | $7.99 | each
What do you get for the gardener who has everything? Why, an Air Plant Terrarium Ornament, of course! Each Air Plant is cozily nestled in festive reindeer moss inside a glass Terrarium Ornament. These lants do well with bright, indirect light, and a light misting of water every 4-5 days - no soil necessary! Best of all, they are ready to be displayed on a flat surface or tied on an evergreen bough with sturdy twine (included). They are also quite striking tied to the center of a bow when wrapping gifts.


Amaryllis Bulb in Wax | $7.99 | each
The Amaryllis has long been a favorite flower for dreary winter months, as its bright blooms are easily grown indoors. Here to make indoor gardening even easier, nay almost effortless, are our Amaryllis Bulbs in Wax. They contain everything they need to bloom on their own— without the addition of soil or water! Fun fact: the name Amaryllis comes from the Greek word amarysso, which means "to sparkle." Scatter these Bulbs throughout the house for a bit of sparkle in every room this holiday season.


Zygo Cactus | $3.49 | each

Zygo cacti, also known as Christmas Cacti, are a true holiday season tradition. They will be happy in a bright spot on your windowsill, and their elongated blooms will flower in shades of red, pink and white, year after year with proper care. It's not unusual for a single plant to be passed down from generation to generation because they're long-lived and easy to grow, regardless of the color of your thumb.


Grump Tree | $7.99 WC/ $8.99 EC MW SE TX | each
Unlike the forest green hues of fir boughs adorning front doors at this time of year, the foliage of the Lemon Cypress is a vibrant chartreuse. It emits a buoyant, lemony aroma that spreads holiday cheer wherever it is displayed. Placed at the top of the tree is a whimsically weighty ornament that causes it to slump to one side... not unlike a Grump who is maligned by holiday cheer. Your giftee will delight in the playfulness of this curmudgeonly conifer, whether it’s displayed on a dinner table or desk.


White Pine Moisturizing Hand Soap & Lotion | $5.99 | 16 oz.
After a long day in the garden (or battling the holiday shopping mall), give your hands a break with White Pine Moisturizing Hand Soap & Hand Lotion, made with hydrating botanicals like jojoba oil, shea butter and argan oil. The Soap produces a nourishing lather that keeps your hands smooth and sanitized, while the Lotion is designed to keep your hands soft to the touch throughout the wear and tear of the season. Both bottles are packed with a piney scent that’s sure to keep winter’s chill at bay.

The Mirror-Gazer

Instead of asking the mirror on the wall for beauty product gift advice (he doesn't exactly get out much), stop by the Health & Beauty section at your neighborhood Trader Joe's. We offer beauty aids with ingredients derived from naturally available products, that also make great stocking stuffers, like our Ginger Almond Oatmeal Exfoliant Soap. And our exclusive, only-around-for-the-holidays gift sets are filled with quality ingredients like argan oil, keratin and shea butter. What's the biggest perk of them all? These products will cost a mere fraction of the price you'd pay at a shopping mall.


Clean Up Your Act Grooming Kit | $9.99 | 14 fl. oz.
Our Clean Up Your Act Grooming Kit is a comprehensive collection of citrus-scented Clarifying Shampoo, sandalwood-scented Cleansing Body Wash and Close Shave Shave Cream, and unscented Hydrating Face & Body Lotion. The components are made for us using quality ingredients like keratin, Argan oil, shea butter, aloe vera, and coconut oil. You might not have high expectations for a kit at this price. You should. Your highest expectations will be met, and then some.


Face Mask Trio | $6.99 | 6 fl. oz.
Each Face Mask Trio contains three individual formulations designed to aid your skin in targeted ways. Refresh is a clay mask designed to clean pores and remove excess oils. Renew is a gently exfoliating blend that will leave your skin ready to take on winter's chill. Finally, Restore is a hydrating mask with rosehip oil that cleanses and acts as a gentle astringent, leaving your skin feeling vibrant and vivacious. At $6.99, it’s priced way below what you’d pay anywhere else for a skin-care product of this caliber.


Salt Scrub Trio | $8.99 | 26.4 oz.
Our trio of exfoliating Sea Salt Body Scrubs is a three-pronged attack on dry skin. Sea salts from the Pacific Ocean and the Dead Sea are blended with skin-conditioning ingredients like almond, grape seed and avocado oils, green tea and vitamin E. Rich in minerals, yet free of artificial dyes, phthalates, sulfates and parabens, each scrub has a distinctive scent: calming Ylang Ylang, energizing Eucalyptus Pomegranate, and warm Apricot Honey. Dry skin, beware!


Body Butter Trio | $7.99 | 9 oz.
For those immobilized by indecision, this silky-smooth Body Butter Trio affords the luxury of choice—and moisture. First, there’s Fresh Pear – the partridge let us borrow some pears for this juicy scent. Next, Orange Clove marries two holiday scents into one warm, spicy lotion. And finally, there’s Coriander. It might sound peculiar, but trust us: it’s earthy, fresh and fantastic. Moisturizing and non-greasy, these Body Butters are packed with the hydrating goodness of coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe. There’s even a bit of marshmallow—marshmallow root, that is. Not the kind that goes in your cocoa.

The Big Cheese

Queso. Kase. Juusto. Fromaggio. No matter the language, or cuisine for that matter, cheese has become a mainstay of cocktail parties and holiday gatherings alike. The Cheese Platter is, by all accounts, a veritable magnet at the appetizer table. Set one out and watch party guests crowd around to try them all and proudly declare their favorite fromage: rich or sharp, creamy or crumbly, all delicious. Bring a (reusable) bag o' cheese to your next holiday happening and you'll surely be the guest of honor.


Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese | $10.99 | per pound
Made for us in southern Italy, Baked Lemon Ricotta Cheese starts with a fresh milk, salt, and whey that's blended with lemons and sugar, and baked at low temperatures. When it cools, it does, in fact, look like dessert. And you can serve it for dessert. The winning part of this proposition, though, is that you can also serve it on a cheese platter before dinner... and no one will look askance. Or, mix it into hot pasta for a creamy, lemony “sauce” that will leave your dinner guests pining for seconds.


Great Big Gouda | $5.99 | per pound
The cheese masters behind this particularly large wedge boast more than 100 years in the business. They know their cheese. And we know that this particular cheese is particularly delightful. It’s aged for six months to achieve its golden color, semi-soft texture, and classic Gouda flavor (mild, buttery, creamy). It’s an excellent companion to crackers and salami, and delightful melted on a grilled cheese or broiled atop an eggy beakfast casserole. At $5.99 per pound, this Great Big Gouda is a Great Big Value.


Potted Blue Stilton Cheese | $9.99 | 7.04 oz.
We’re offering our authentic Blue Stilton Cheese in a traditional – and quite charming – ceramic crock for the holidays. Made in Nottinghamshire, the cheese comes from one of only six dairies allowed to call their product “Stilton.” For an incredibly flavorful and spreadable cheese, allow the Stilton to come to room temperature before serving. Or, scoop it cold from the crock and crumble over salads, vegetables, or steaks. Its bold, salty flavors pair wonderfully with port or sherry, as well as honey and pears. Such a lovely crock is the perfect gift for the turophiles (cheese lovers) on your list.


Cranberry Chevre | $3.99 | 8 oz.
Trader Joe’s Cranberry Chevre is a best-loved seasonal log. Following traditional cheese-making techniques, this fresh, tangy goat cheese is hand rolled in tart cranberries before being vacuum packed to lock in freshness. It lends an unmistakable elegance to a cheese board, but there’s no need to limit its use to seasonal celebrations. It can be enjoyed smeared on a bagel or tossed in a salad with roasted nuts and balsamic vinaigrette. It’s also delicious in a turkey sandwich (hello, leftovers!).


Fromage Pavé | $4.99 | 7 oz.
This creamy, soft-ripened cheese could easily be mistaken for Brie, but in the cheese-making process for Fromage Pavé there's a step that changes things dramatically. Before it becomes cheese, the milk goes through ultrafiltration – this removes the whey from the milk before the rest of the cheese-making process begins, rather than after. The finished cheese retains more protein, calcium and phosphorus than other soft-ripened cheeses, and the ripening process is faster, so the cheese is ready to enjoy after only two weeks of aging! Ultra rich and creamy, mild and buttery, this cheese elicits unexpected groans of delight from all who take a bite – it’s that good!


Wishing you and yours a delicious, delightful holiday!

Trader Joe's


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