What is a Trader Joe's?

May 15, 2017 in Category: Radio Spots

LISTEN to the radio spot!!

Read the radio script:

It seems that everyone who knows us has a different definition of Trader Joe’s – gourmet market, wine shop, cheese monger, value grocer, a place to encounter zany, Hawaiian-shirted folks… While it may sound like our customers can’t quite pinpoint who we are, the truth is, they’ve figured us out perfectly.

This is Tara Miller of Trader Joe’s. What separates us from other markets is our ability to be lots of things to lots of people, without being a big box. We see ourselves as a “neighborhood grocery store.” That means, we are a gourmet place – a place to find outstanding values – a renowned wine shop – and a good source for great cheese. We’re all of these things and the place to go for your everyday basics. Most importantly, we offer all of our delicious products at outstanding prices, every day.

We’re happy to be part of your community, proud to offer you unique products at prices everyone can afford. Every day.

Thanks for listening.

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