We all make Choices

September 18, 2017 in Category: Radio Spots

LISTEN to the radio spot!

Read the radio script:

Life is all about making choices. From what to wear to what to eat, you make dozens of choices every day.

This is Tara Miller of Trader Joe’s. We make choices, too – how thick do we want the slices in this bread; how much garlic goes in that marinade, which Hawaiian shirt looks best with these pants. But our most important choice is to only carry products that offer excellent value to every customer, every day.

At Trader Joe’s, value is the place where great price and top quality intersect. You’ll find values everywhere you look in our stores, including the fresh meat case. From Brined Center Cut Bone In Pork Chops for $4.99 a pound, to Organic Chicken Thighs for $5.49 a pound, you’ll get high quality meat at very reasonable prices.

No matter what you choose to buy at Trader Joe’s, you’ll always get the best quality foods and beverages at affordable prices. It’s a choice we’ve made, that defines who we are.

Thanks for listening.

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