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May 15, 2017 in Category: Radio Spots

LISTEN to the radio spot!!

Read the radio script:

Emerson said, “love of beauty is taste.” At Trader Joe’s, we think tasting is beautiful, and we taste everything we sell, to make sure you love it.

This is Matt Sloan of Trader Joe’s. Our buyers travel the world in search of great food and drink, bringing their finds back to our Tasting Panel. And that’s where the work really begins. We don’t sell anything unless it passes our Tasting Panel – and we offer only what we feel is extraordinary.

So, one day we might sample six varieties of smoked salmon. The next, Danish cheese, coffee syrup, and cauliflower. Then there are the days when we have to taste ice cream.  Really.

Trader Joe’s Tasting Panel works to deliver great quality at exceptional, everyday prices. The next time you visit, check out our new products – and taste for yourself. And remember, we’re eating our weight in Brie to bring you something new and delicious, every day.

Thanks for listening.

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