Spiced Chai

December 01, 2016 in Category: What's New

Many of us have come to know Chai Tea as a hot, sweet, black tea beverage that is blended with milk and a variety of spices. In fact, the word Chai simply means plain ol’, regular “Tea.” This means that when you order “Chai Tea” in your favorite local café, what you’re really asking for is “Tea Tea.” Bor-ing!

In India, the beverage is more accurately referred to as Masala Chai , which is translated: “Spiced Tea.” At Trader Joe’s we’ve considered all these etymological facts and created a more accurate conflation of language for our own standout version: Introducing Trader Joe’s Spiced Chai. Yes!

Like original Masala Chai, ours is a blend of warm and lively spices, mixed with black, Assam tea. The spice mixture—cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, Chinese Star anise, black pepper, and nutmeg— enriches the black tea and produces a complex and creamy finish when also combined with milk and sugar.

Traditionally, Masala Chai is made by decoction —simmering water, loose-leaf black tea, milk, and whole spices all together in one pot. This wonderfully organic process is a little bit unwieldy when all you want is a little cuppa tea. Our simple solution is tea bags, each filled with all the Masala goodness necessary for a fantastic, mind and body-warming cup. Just steep it, add milk and sweetener (if you like) and enjoy! We're selling each box of 20 Spiced Chai tea bags for $2.49, everyday.

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