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Once Upon A Great Marshmallow,

It was only a few months back that we introduced Marshmallows. The thing is, not just any Marshmallow is worthy of the Trader Joe's name. So we took our time. We searched high and low. We demanded a lot. And our efforts were rewarded tenfold. Trader Joe's Marshmallows are sweet, fluffy, pillow-y puffs with a hint of vanilla flavor. Free from artificial flavors, added colors, and GMO ingredients (which cannot be said for most other brands), our Marshmallows are also gluten free and... this is where it goes from good to great... gelatin free! If you follow a vegan or kosher diet, you know this is special—it's nearly impossible to find marshmallows made without gelatin, and if you do, they typically cost an arm and a marshmallow-man-sized leg. We're selling each ten ounce bag of Trader Joe's Marshmallows for $2.99.  We aren't just touting our Marshmallows, though; we want to talk "Some More."

S’mores Were Created.

Who created them? Honestly, no one really knows. The earliest record of the recipe and name "Some More" appeared in the 1927 handbook Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts.  The ingredients for this campfire fodder featured: Graham Crackers, Plain Chocolate, and Marshmallows. The key step was toasting the marshmallows over coals to a "crisp gooey" state, before sandwiching them between the crackers with the chocolate.  Mmm. We imagine someone got caught up in the sticky, delicious result, and with tongue adhered to the roof of mouth, they requested, "S'more!" Just like that tongue, the abbreviated name stuck.

And, S’moreover...

While traditionalists shun deviations on the classic recipe, some more (and more) are tweaking ingredients and formats. Out of respect to both campfires, we've decided to rename our collection of gooey marshmallow-centric variations on this theme to Some Moreover or S'moreover.  Specifically, we've gathered some of our favorite Graham Cracker replacements (no offense to Graham Crackers, of course) and a couple s'more-friendly concoctions to keep your campfire crew busy all summer long. These recipes may veer off the beaten path, but it's just part of the adventure you expect when "Tramping and Trailing" with Trader Joe's (we hope):


three twists on smores

COCONUT CROSSINGS: Toasted Coconut Cookie Thins ($2.99 for 9 oz.) + Dark Chocolate Coconut Caramel Bar ($1.99 for 3 oz.) + Marshmallows ($2.99 for 10 oz.) + Organic, Unsweetened Flake Coconut ($1.99 for 8 oz.)

NAVIGATING THE NEVERLANDS: Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies ($2.79 for 8.8 oz.) + Banana, sliced (19¢ for each) + Marshmallows ($2.99 for 10 oz.) + Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce ($3.49 for 10 oz.)

brownie chocolate peanut butter smoreover

CHOCOLATE ODYSSEY: Brownie Crisps ($2.99 for 5 oz.) + Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups ($4.29 for 16 oz.) + Marshmallows ($2.99 for 10 oz.) 

Kick S'moreover Dip

smores dip with chocolate covered strawberry

If you're looking to really commune with your compatriots, then individual assembly is out; dip is in. Our twist on this deconstructed campfire classic heats things up with a pinch of Red Pepper.

Ridge Crispy S'moreover Bars

Potato Chip Crispy Smoreover Bars

Ridiculous with Ridge Cut Potato Chips, Marshmallows, Butter and a rainbow of Candy Coated Chocolate Drops, these bars pack craveable sweet-and-salty cunch. Scrumptious!

Marshmallow Toasting Tips:

  • RARE – the outer layer of the marshmallow will take on just a hint of color, remaining dense, cool and chewy on the inside
  • MEDIUM – the outer layer of the marshmallow is browned to a deep caramel color, with a soft center that still has a bit of “pull” to it (like taffy)
  • WELL DONE – the outer layer is crisped dark brown or black, achieving a melty (sometimes molten!) center. Use caution and let cool slightly before eating, this one will be hot! 


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