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June 19, 2015 in Category: Radio Spots

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Umami. It’s not a type of sushi or a must-buy kids’ toy. It’s the “fifth taste” you didn’t know you didn’t know about. And now that you know, Trader Joe’s can help you find umami in all corners of our stores.

This is Tara Miller of Trader Joe’s. We all know salty, sour, sweet, and bitter when we taste them. Some foods aren’t any of those; or they’re all of those. That’s umami. It’s savory, meaty, and while it can be tough to describe, it roughly translates from Japanese as “yummy.” That can’t be bad. Trader Ming’s Shiitake Mushroom Chicken, loaded with umami-delivering mushrooms, could be the spokes-dish for umami.  

Shiitake Mushroom Chicken has big chunks of dark meat chicken, tender, whole shiitake mushroom caps, green beans, and edamame. It’s all tied together with an umami-rich, ginger-soy sauce. It’s delicious. Add some rice to soak up that sauce and you’ll have an impressive meal that’s loaded with veggies and ready in minutes.

It’s also a great value. We’re selling each 22 ounce package for $4.99, every day. You’ll find it in our freezers.

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