Seasoning Salt

May 26, 2017 in Category: What's New

Humility is a virtue, but so is the truth — and the truth is that we have an impressive selection of salts, spices, and seasonings here at Trader Joe’s. From perennial favorites like our Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals and our 21 Seasoning Salute, to some of our newer, off-the-beaten path fare—like our Everything But the Bagel or Chile Lime Seasoning Blends—we really do have quite the array. But something has been missing all along: Seasoning Salt.

Missing no more, Trader Joe’s Seasoning Salt has all of what you want and none of what you don’t. Most popular “seasoning salts” are loaded with sugar, MSG, artificial preservatives, and anti-caking agents (silicon dioxide, cornstarch, etc.) Ours is just what it promises to be: seasonings and salt.

The blend is 50% granulated onion and granulated garlic and 50% sea salt, celery seed, paprika, ground nutmeg, and dry mustard. It’s salty (but not too salty) and packs just the right amount of celery seed umami.

Sprinkle Trader Joe’s Seasoning Salt on a pile of TJ’s Handsome Cut, Sweet Potato, or Zucchini Fries. Use it to season burgers, chicken breasts, ground turkey, roasted veggies, or just about anything that could use a little salting and a little seasoning. It’s a Salt for all seasons and a Seasoning to suit all reasoning.

It’s been said that value can be found at the point where high quality and fair pricing intersect. So on top of being all-purpose, at $1.99 for a 2.4-ounce jar, our no-added-sugar, artificial-preservative-free Seasoning Salt is an outstanding value. You’ll find it in our grocery aisle.

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