October 14, 2017 in Category: Radio Spots

LISTEN to the radio spot!!

Read the radio script:

These days, the word “loyalty” when applied to a grocery store brings to mind a keychain loaded with little plastic cards and “robust data tracking.”

This is Dan Bane of Trader Joe’s. We know that loyalty doesn’t come from a special card, or a so-called “reward” you receive when you spend your hard-earned dollars in a store. At Trader Joe’s, we would never test your loyalty by printing out a three-foot-long scroll of coupons for money off things the next time you shop in our stores. We reward your loyalty by pricing our products as low as they can go every single day. No coupons or club cards needed… ever.

At Trader Joe’s, we believe loyalty is something we have to earn, every day, with every customer. So we focus on offering the best values on terrific foods and beverages, every day, in every corner of every one of our stores. The “reward”? You spend less money on the things you need and want, every day.

Thanks for listening.