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November 24, 2017 in Category: Product Stories

While there are multiple stories detailing the origin of panettone, one thing’s for certain: this traditional Italian cake—with its cylindrical shape and cupola (domed) top—is synonymous with the holiday season at Trader Joe’s. Walk into our stores and there’s a good chance you’ll see veritable walls of the stuff, packed in brightly colored boxes, ready to gift or share with family and friends around the holiday table. We think buying enough to accomplish both of those things is a sound decision.

We’re so enthusiastic about panettone that we can’t stop with just one. This season, we have three different offerings to make your sweet tooth sing—and there’s an even an option that features chocolate, to satisfy those averse to dried fruit. Pick up your favorite (or favorites), brew some Gingerbread Coffee and pop the Prosecco for your holiday crowd, and together toast to the sweetness of the season...


A true holiday classic, Trader Joe’s Panettone is crafted from a traditional Italian recipe with a sourdough starter. Real butter, plump raisins and candied fruit give this cake its aromatic sweetness and tender chew. Served alone, with a dollop of TJ's Mascarpone for brekafast, or with French Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert, it's a yum-inducing December delight.

Each 26.5 ounce Panettone is just $4.99, the same price we’ve had since 2001. Think of it as a continuation of Trader Joe's tradition of offering terrific values—our gift to you during the holidays, and every day.

Mini Panettone

If you’re celebrating with a crowd of one or two, and a full size treat simply won't do, Trader Joe’s Mini Panettone is the perfect pane for the occasion. It features the same tender, spongy cake, sweet raisins and candied orange rinds boasted in the full size loaf, but in a petite, individually packaged portion.

You could enjoy one with coffee for breakfast. Or go the edible art route and hang these cute confections around the house by the decorative ribbon attached to the box. We’re offering each 3.52-ounce Mini Panettone for $1.79, only during the holidays.

Chocolate Chip Panettone

In the spirit of turning traditions upside down, we present Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chip Panettone: the legendary Italian Christmas cake, minus the candied fruit pieces, plus rich, sweet chocolate chips. This is a very good holiday happening.

This buttery Chocolate Chip Panettone has us rethinking our allegiances to the classic cake. It’s just really satisfying. You can snack on it. You can cut a slice and put it in the toaster. You can make French Toast. However you enjoy it, you will enjoy it. You will also enjoy our price of $4.49 for each 17.6 ounce package.

Get the Recipe:
Chocolate Chip Panettone French Toast

The sweet, rich chocolate chips in our Chocolate Chip Panettone take this dish from breakfast to dessert-for-breakfast—and we're okay with that.


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