Organic Toasted Coconut Granola

February 22, 2017 in Category: What's New

“Gotta love crab. In the nick of time, too. I couldn’t take much more of those coconuts…”

~ Chuck Noland (Tom Hanks in Castaway)

Chuck Noland is the exception. Unless you remain stranded on a tropical island, it is probably more likely that you can’t get enough coconut. (And if you’re reading this, we’re assuming you’ve been rescued.)

Landlubbers, like yourself, are typically fond of Trader Joe’s because of our comforting cache of coconut products that help fill your coconut fix. Our newest coconut product comes in the form of granola: Trader Joe’s Organic Toasted Coconut Granola.

We love this granola for a number of reasons. First, it’s 100% organic and totally gluten free. Second, the total list of organic ingredients is pretty simple and relatively short: rolled oats, coconut flakes (from Sri Lanka), roasted almonds, corn flakes, maple syrup, quinoa, coconut oil, brown rice flour, cane sugar, vanilla extract, and sea salt. Which leads to the third reason we love this granola: despite the mention of both syrup and sugar, this granola contains only 6g of sugar per 1/3 cup serving. Granola-lovers know this is on the lower end of sugar content for snacks like this.

Everything comes together to form a delightfully crunchy, significantly coconutty snack that’s as good in a bowl with milk, as it is munched straight out of the bright-yellow, re-sealable bag.

Reason number four you’re going to love Trader Joe’s Organic Toasted Coconut Granola? Each 12-ounce bag is just $3.99. Find it on the shelves with our other great granolas and celebrated cereals.

NOTE: Since posting, the details of this item may have changed due to fluctuating market prices, federal regulations, currency rates, drought, pestilence, bandits, rush hour traffic, filibusters, clowns, zombie apocalypse, punctilious product developers... Contact our Crew for current price and availability.


Organic Rolled Oats, Organic Coconut Flakes, Organic Roasted Almonds, Organic Corn Flakes (Organic Corn Meal, Organic Fruit Juice Concentrate [Apple and/or Pear], Sea Salt), Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Quinoa, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Vanilla Extract, Sea Salt. CONTAINS ALMOND, COCONUT.

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