Organic Reduced Fat Coconut Milk

July 12, 2016 in Category: What's New

We had three main goals for this product: One, we wanted it to be organic. Two, we wanted it to be free from added gums. Three, of course, we wanted it to be both lower in fat and great-tasting. Trader Joe’s Organic Reduced Fat Coconut Milk scores on all three counts!

Our Sri Lankan supplier starts with organically-grown King Coconuts. As true “coconut scientists,” these experts know how to press shredded coconut meat at different stages and blend the resulting milks with filtered water to create the exact flavor profile and fat content we are looking for. The result is a milk with clean, coconutty flavor and a coconut aroma. The texture is smooth and milky—not too thick or too thin. Amazingly, we’ve achieved this texture with no thickeners or gums (additives that are present in most of the other coconut milk brands you’ll find in the marketplace). Because of the lack of gums, there may be some separation in the can. This can be easily remedied by shaking the can before opening, or gently heating the product by placing the can in some warm water.

Cook with it—our Organic Reduced Fat Coconut Milk is excellent in curries. Drink it—it’s fantastic in smoothies, as a substitute for dairy in tea or coffee, or straight from the can (though we recommend pouring it into a nice, smooth-rimmed drinking glass first). However you enjoy it, we think you’ll find our Organic Reduced Fat Coconut Milk to be exactly what you’re looking for—at the price you’re looking for, too: each 13.5 ounce can is $1.29.

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