Organic Edamame

July 04, 2016 in Category: What's New

Way back in the year 1275, a Buddhist priest wrote a thank-you note to a parishioner for a gift left at the temple. What was this gift, you ask? Edamame! Edamame has been gaining popularity ever since this first mention of the food. If Trader Joe’s had been around in 13th century Japan, we’re pretty sure our fully cooked Organic Edamame would have been a hit.

Edamame, which means “stem bean” in Japanese, is loved for its mild, slightly nutty taste and good source of protein. Our Organic Edamame comes from the first and only organic edamame facility in the United States. Grown and sourced by local farmers, these immature soybean pods (no, not the teenager-y kind of immaturity) are blanched and frozen shortly after harvesting, which produces the fresh and perfectly crunchy beans you’ll find in every bag.

Most often eaten as a bar snack in Japan—much like pretzels or nuts here—edamame also makes a great anywhere-anytime snack. And it can be served cold or hot! To serve cold, defrost overnight under refrigeration and it’s ready to go. To serve hot, pour pods into microwave-safe dish and heat for 3-4 minutes at 50% power (depending on microwave). Toss in sea salt or cayenne and soy sauce for an added touch of flavor.

At just $1.99 for a 12 ounce bag, Trader Joe’s Organic Edamame is a great value. Any way you eat them, they really are soy delicious! 

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Organic Edamame (Soybeans). CONTAINS SOY.

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