Minced Garlic

July 01, 2016 in Category: What's New

Chopped, pressed, sliced, crushed, roasted, minced. So many ways to prepare garlic, so little time. Well, time is on your side as Trader Joe’s Minced Garlic fulfills all of your minced garlic needs without the need for any mincing by you.

Garlic, while a delicious and vital ingredient in many recipes, is rather messy to handle. We’ve got the mincing part covered, sparing you from the strong-smelling side effects of garlic chopping.

As experienced garlic-handlers may know, the way garlic is prepared affects its intensity in any given dish: the more the garlic is chopped, pressed, or pulverized, the more intense its flavor will be when used. Trader Joe’s Minced Garlic is stronger than whole or sliced garlic cloves but milder than crushed or puréed garlic, giving dishes that sought-after garlic flavor without an overpowering intensity.

With just a twist of a jar lid, our Minced Garlic is ready for action. One half of a teaspoon equals one clove of fresh garlic. Unlike some of our other products (Cookie Butter, we’re looking at you), we do not recommend eating this by the spoonful. Instead, use in pasta sauces and dishes, when braising meats and poultry—anywhere minced garlic is called for, really.

We don’t mince words here, just garlic. At $1.69 for an eight ounce jar of Trader Joe’s Minced Garlic, your wallet and your future cooking self will thank you.

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Garlic, Water, Citric Acid (for freshness).

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