Lys Kaffe Light City Roast Coffee

April 28, 2017 in Category: What's New

Turkaffe (translated literally “hiking coffee”) is one of the oldest coffee traditions in Norway. Hikers take to the outdoors and brew coffee over an open fire or small burner as a ritualized part of the hiking experience. The coffee itself is key to this event, made with lightly roasted beans that illuminate the fruity flavors and nuances often hidden by darker roasts.

Intrigued by this tradition, and also by the fact that Norway has one of the highest coffee consumptions per capita in the world, our Product Developer was inspired to create Trader Joe’s Lys Kaffe Light City Roast Coffee.

Inside this can, you’ll find a blend of Kenyan AA, Ethiopian Sidamo and Tanzanian Arabica beans, that are indeed very lightly roasted (Lys Kaffe translates to “light coffee”). This process showcases the natural flavors and brightness of the beans, and allows for a sweet berry finish to shine through with each sip.

Unlike a smoky dark roast, the light roasting process yields a pleasantly soft aroma that highlights the distinct characteristics of each of the beans of origin: candied fruit from Kenyan AA, blueberry and mocha from Ethiopian Sidamo, and juicy raspberry from the Tanzanian beans.

Whether it’s for your weekday wake-up or just a lazy Saturday morning, brew a fresh, flavorful pot of Lys Kaffe to help uphold your personal coffee customs. Want to keep to Nordic tradition? Go for a hike, portable brewer in tow, and brew a cup when you reach the mountain’s peak. You’ll savor the lightness in your coffee, and in the air, while getting the energy you need for the return trip.

We’re offering 12-ounce cans of whole bean Trader Joe’s Lys Kaffe Light City Roast Coffee for the light-on-the-wallet price of $7.99. You’ll find them with our other coffees.

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