Low Prices? Indeed.

August 22, 2017 in Category: Radio Spots

LISTEN to the radio spot!!

Read the radio script:

If you pay attention to advertising, you’ll notice everyone’s talking about lowering prices. At Trader Joe’s, we’ve been talking about value for fifty years.

This is Matt Sloan of Trader Joe’s. We think keeping business simple is the best way to do business. Simply… we work directly with our suppliers to negotiate the lowest possible costs on everything we sell. Because we sell things in the Trader Joe’s label, we can cut out the cost of big splashy advertising campaigns. This radio ad is about as splashy as you’ll get from Trader Joe’s.

Keeping our costs low means that we can offer terrific prices on great quality products, every day. It also means that when our costs go down, we lower our prices. It really is that simple. It simply is value.

So come on in to Trader Joe’s, where we value our customers, and the proof is in the values we offer, every day.

Thanks for listening.

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