Guide To Avoiding Abominable Cheese Platters

December 15, 2014 in Category: Guides


Step 1: Don't Overdo It


monstrous cheese platter overcrowded with ten cheeses

•  Too many cheese varieties will overwhelm your palate and your guests!
•  The plate is too crowded and is beginning to look like a cheese sculpture...
•  Step away from the toothpicks. It's perfectly okay to use your fingers (or claws).


marvelous cheese platter elegantly showcasing three cheeses

•  Narrow your selection to 3-5 varieties. Aged, Soft, Firm and Blue should cover it. Try TJ's Italian Truffle Cheese, TJ's Swiss Gruyere Cheese & TJ's Cave Aged Blue Cheese!
•  One knife for each cheese should do to avoid cross-contamination—especially for that Cave Aged Blue!
•  A simple arrangement on a clean cutting board brings all the attention to where it should be—the cheese.


Step 2: Don't Leave Them Wanting


monstrous cheese platter with sloppily sliced cheeses and sparse potato chips

•  This cheese is sliced grossly thin. It looks stingy, and guests will not be able to taste the flavors.
•  This cheese was brought straight from the refrigerator to the table and is still cold.
•  Potato Chips do not make sufficient vehicles for cheese as they break too easily.


marvelous cheese platter with inviting neatly sliced cheeses and assortment of crackers and toast

•  Go for thick, hearty slices of cheese that you can really sink your teeth into!
•  Cheese is meant to be consumed at room temperature, so plan accordingly!
•  TJ's Cracker Assortments and TJ's Brioche Toasts are sturdy and the taste won't distract from the cheeses.


Step 3: Don't Confuse Your Guests


monstrous cheese platter unorganized with sliced and shredded cheese

•  Steer clear from pre-sliced cheeses and hard cooking cheeses—these have no place on your platter!
•  No consideration for arrangement here... and are those papers edible?
•  This looks like a terrible game of Blue-Cheese-Roulette.


marvelous cheese platter organized with lovely array of accompaniments

•  Select a familiar cheese to help your less adventurous guests dive in. TJ's 6 Year Aged Cheddar (seasonal) or TJ's Manchego (seasonal) are real crowd pleasers
•  Supplement with accompaniments that compliment your cheeses... TJ's Dried Turkish Apricots, TJ's Mesquite Smoked Almonds, TJ's Sliced Mortadella, and TJ's Greek Olive Medley
•  Arrange your cheeses from mild to strong, no surpises here!


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