Green Goods to Ring in Spring

March 15, 2017 in Category: Product Stories

Green means go. It’s what the grass is more of on the other side. Green is the eye of an envious monster… the power from a wind-whirled turbine. That close-cropped turf you putt on? A green.

But here, teetering on the cusp of spring—nestled right up next to the Day of St. Patrick—what exactly do we mean by green? It’s simple: We’re talking green-colored goods.

Every section of our store contains items with a green sheen: From seaweed snacks and spicy sauce to leafy greens and cold-pressed juice. From cheese with pesto and pesto with quinoa to green tea mints and green tea soap… If it’s colored green, and it’s good, we’ve got you covered.

You may consider our vernal enthusiasm green (naïve), but we simply want to celebrate spring with you! So to ring it in, we’re now presenting nine of our favorite green-colored goods—along with a Green Curry Chickpea recipe…


Green Dragon Sauce

An Internet search for “hot sauce” generates a rash of red. Apparently, red is the color of hot sauce. Always willing to buck a trend, we’ve got a sauce that is both hot and green. Like our Sriracha Sauce (admittedly red), the Green Sauce bottle displays a fire-breathing Dragon. That’s apropos for a sauce that is “red hot” (symbolically speaking). On a scale of “Meh,” to “Yowza!!” Green Dragon rates a solid “Whoa!” (about 7 on the 1-10 scale). Made of jalapeños, tomatillos, cilantro, garlic, habanero pepper powder, a dash of vinegar, and a splash of lime juice—this smooth, tangy-sweet, spicy sauce is bright and versatile. Put it on eggs, enchiladas, salads, burgers, fried rice…Or mix it with our Organic Ranch Dressing to create a hot and creamy dipping sauce. However you use it, you’ll want to do so liberally—and you can, since it comes in a convenient 18 ounce squeeze bottle for $2.99.


Roasted Seaweed Snack

Seaweed is an alga. Algae come in a variety of colors like red, black, and brown—but it’s green that comes first to mind when marine flora is mentioned. Our Roasted Seaweed Snack is green-colored—and so much more. These paper-thin, sea-plant sheets are delicately crunchy, wonderfully sea-salty, and surprisingly nutty. From Korea (the ocean part), our vegan, gluten free, sea snack is at-the-ready for anytime, maritime or mainland munching. You might also crumble and sprinkle this Seaweed on salads or soups to add a layer of ocean-fresh flavor. Each 0.4 ounce bag of is $0.99.

Green Tea Infused Mints

We could’ve called these “flavored” mints, but that would’ve only been half true. Fact is, these mints are “infused”—with actual green tea. Green tea leaves (minus stems and veins) from single-estate tea farms in Japan are finely milled into a bright green-colored powder. In another context, this powder (known as Matcha) is whisked with hot water to produce tea, worthy of ceremony. For our Green Tea Mints, we combine Matcha powder with pure peppermint oil, cane sugar, and honey for an authentic green tea taste that is also sweet, with a lingering mint flavor. At $1.99 for the 1.2 ounce tin (about 54 leaf-shaped mints), you can enjoy flavor-full mints, while others are enjoying your ceremonious breath.

Thé Vert Triple Milled Soap

We may have jumped the gun mentioning mints before soap. Fresh breath is vital, but if the rest of your situation isn’t fresh, a minty mouth is nearly nugatory. When paired with our Green Tea Mints, Thé Vert (say: “Tay Vare”) Triple Milled Soap™ from Bisous de Provence provides your whole body solution. Made in France, this 100% Pure Vegetable soap has 5% shea butter to help moisturize dry skin. Don’t let the muted green fool you; the fragrance is anything but muted—redolent of ceremonial-grade green tea, and handfuls of aromatic flowers. The 200 gram (7 ounce) bar is easily cut into two smaller bars, as some customers are wont to do. Anyway you slice it, this imported Green Tea Soap is a fresh and fragrant value at $3.49.

Cold Pressed Green Juice

If you’re rating the depth of our greens, without doubt you’ll find our Cold Pressed Juice has the richest hue. How could it not? Each 15.2 ounce bottle of 100% fresh juice contains exactly 17 kale leaves, one whole pound of spinach, one large apple, a quarter of an English cucumber, one stalk of celery, one lemon, and two inches of ginger. All of it is juiced in a slow hydraulic press for max extraction. Before bottling, it’s put it through a cold, water-pressure method call HPP (High Pressure Processing). This guarantees it’s safe to drink, without reducing fresh flavor, or nutritional benefits—which include vitamin A, calcium, and iron. If you’re feeling blue, you just might need a shot of our Green Juice! Pick up a bottle for $4.99.

Lime Floes

Breaking out a frozen pop on the shy side of 70 degrees is a bold move. It’s a move that says, “It may not be hot outside, but I’m going to live as if it is.” Trader Joe’s supports such imaginative living. That’s why we sell frozen juice-on-a-stick all year round. We’ve presented plenty of fruity flavors over the years, but one of our classics is all green and all go. The first ingredient in our Lime Floes is lime juice. The last ingredient is lime oil. Suffice it to say, these frozen treats are limey and oh-so refreshing—even on the spring side of summer. They're fat free, dairy free, and they come four bars to a 16 ounce box for $1.99. That’s less than 50 cents each!

Pesto & Quinoa

We played culinary matchmaker for two foods originating oceans apart, creating an innovative mash-up that’s great on sandwiches, in pasta, on salads… Pesto was invented when basil from India was imported to northwestern Italy where it took root (literally), and was pounded with garlic, oil, and hard cheeses to yield a savory paste. Quinoa, a plant seed first cultivated in the Andes region of Latin America, has been a nutrient-rich staple for the descendants of Incans for some 5,000 years. Peruvian farmers grow both our quinoa and our basil, and mix them with garlic, olive and sunflower oils, and Grand Padano and Pecorino cheeses. The resulting verdure of this three-culture condiment is palpable and pleasantly ingestible; especially at $2.69 for a ten ounce jar.

Organic Power to the Greens

No list of green goods would be complete without some of that leafy roughage, called by its color. Enter Power to the Greens. No ordinary lettuce, these greens might also be called, Power to the People! (That’s you.) Our blend of organic baby kales, organic baby spinach, and organic chard is antioxidant-rich and loaded with Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The iron and calcium content is nothing to shrug at, either. As “babies,” our Organic Greens are tender when raw—much more so than their adult counterparts. They are also unexpectedly appetizing when steamed or sautéed. In a salad or stir-fry, you’ll find these triple-washed, ready-to-eat greens to be a nutritious and delicious way to ring in spring, or any season. The five ounce bag is available everyday in our refrigerated produce section for $1.99 on the West Coast and $2.49 elsewhere.

bee buzz trail with dotted lineGreen Curry Chickpeas
Green Curry Chickpeas - Spooned over quinoa, this robust, vegetarian stew wholly satisfies.


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