Fireworks Chocolate Bar

June 20, 2016 in Category: Radio Spots

LISTEN to the radio spot!

Read the radio script:

Summer has finally arrived. And summer just wouldn’t be summer without fireworks. At Trader Joe’s, you can have your fireworks and eat them, too.

This is Tara Miller of Trader Joe’s. That’s right, fireworks you can eat. Just in time for summertime celebrations, Trader Joe’s Fireworks Chocolate Bar is here to put a little spark and a little spice in your life.

Trader Joe’s Fireworks Chocolate Bar is crafted for us by a chocolatier skilled in the art of adding intriguing flavors to high quality chocolate. Of course, the fireworks in this dark chocolate bar aren’t really fireworks. They’re popping candy. You remember the stuff; it “sparkles,” and even pops, on your tongue. The bar is also a little spicy, with both chipotle and pasilla chiles, along with a touch of sea salt. It’s not hot hot, but just like summer, it delivers on the heat.

The Fireworks Chocolate Bar is available only at your neighborhood Trader Joe’s, and only for a limited time. We’re selling each 2.8 ounce bar for the explosively good price of $1.99.

Thanks for listening.

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