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December 22, 2016 in Category: Guides

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…” Unless you’ve mentally ended that sentence with “a personal shopper,” it’s likely you have gift-gathering that needs to be completed. There’s still time! Fuel up with some Wintry Blend Coffee, grab your ugly sweater (you only have a few days left to wear it, after all) and head to Trader Joe’s. We’ve got festive finds for everyone on your list—and for anyone you may have forgotten!

For Your In-Laws

Billionaire Shortbread Truffles
$4.49 | 5.29 oz.
Not nearly as startling but every bit as festive, these Christmas cracker-shaped boxes are filled with our truffled, bite-sized take on millionaire’s shortbread.

Chocolate Chip Panettone
$5.99 | 17.63 oz.

If traditional Italian Christmas cake studded with rich chocolate chips doesn’t make your in-laws merry, we have three words that will: Panettone French Toast

Rosencrunch & Guildenpop
$4.49 | 8 oz.

"To crunch or not to crunch?” When that is the question, Rosencrunch & Guildenpop is the answer— roasted pecan halves and almonds mixed with candy coated popcorn, packed in a gift-able tin.

For Your Neighbors

Dark Chocolate Gingerbread Caramel Cookie Bar
$1.99 | 3 oz.

Smooth caramel and crunchy gingerbread cookie crumbs mingle with dark chocolate—it’s neighborly holiday spirit, packed into a festive candy bar. 

Soft-Baked Biscotti with Dried Figs
$3.99 | 7.05 oz.

Hand these bags out to your neighbors and they’ll be caroling…er… clamoring for more: “Now bring us some Fig Biscotti, and bring it right here!”

Crunchy Truffle Trio
$2.99 | 4.5 oz.

Nothing says neighborly like milk chocolate truffles with crunchy coatings—and at $2.99, you can grab a box for every neighbor on your list.

For Santa

Crispy Crunchy Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies
$2.99 | 10 oz.

This holiday version of our favorite crispy chocolate chip cookie is filled with jolly peppermint flavor and crushed peppermint candy. Set out the whole tub and St. Nick can enjoy them by the handful. 

Butter Cookie Wreaths
$3.99 | 13 oz.

Made with copious amounts of real butter, these wreath-shaped cookies are dusted with red and green sprinkles made with colors derived from naturally available ingredients. Mrs. Claus would totally approve.

O' Tannenbaum Potato Snacks
$1.99 | 5 oz.

Give Santa a break from the sweets and set out a bowl of these gluten free, tree-shaped savory snacks.


P.S. Don't forget the carrots!

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