Falling Into Chips & Dips

October 17, 2016 in Category: Entertaining

In addition to signaling the arrival of more pumpkin products than you can imagine, fall indicates another season, of sorts: the opening of (a lot of) parties season! Parties, get-togethers, gatherings, celebrations, carouses, bashes, festivities — they happen year round, but seem to exponentially multiply come autumn. And no matter the occasion, no other soirée-snack combination is as ubiquitous (or necessary, in our opinion) as the chip and the dip.

The idea of dipping a chip (or other edible item) into a dip-like substance is not new. In fact, this idea has been around for centuries. The first known recipe of hummus, for example, dates back to 13th century Egypt. Dip popularity didn’t really surge in the United States until the 1950s, though—a little late to the game, but better late than never—thanks to a famous ad campaign that suggested combining onion soup mix with cream cheese or sour cream. It seems we’ve been hooked ever since, making chips and dip a party appetizer essential. The perfect snack. A tailgate hero.

So, what’s our role in all of this, you ask? We’re here to make your chip and dip dreams come true. After some careful and tasty research, we’ve come to the conclusion that many, many items could fall under the “chip” or “dip” category, some that might not immediately come to mind. Our thorough-but-not-necessarily-exhaustive guide to chipping and dipping will aid you in all the chip-and-dip-consuming endeavors you embark on this season—or any season, really. Summer might be over, but you can still take a dip

Dip Transporters & Scoop-able Mixtures

It seems that the chip and the dip were made for each other. The chip provides the ideal method of transportation for the dip. If you were to use a spoon to eat dip, you’d miss out on the complementary flavor and texture delivered by the chip. The classic chips—think potato, tortilla, corn—abound in our stores. We even have Veggie Chips! What’s not to love? They’re crunchy, a little bit salty, and fully addicting.

But why constrain the definition of “chip” to what we consider convention? Take beef jerky, for instance. On its own, it’s tasty, chewy, and perfect for on-the-go snacking. However, serve it alongside Cilantro and Chive Yogurt Dip and you’ve got an exemplary chip-like receptacle. And then there are crackers. In reality, what’s a cracker but a really thick chip? There’s a whole world of dip-transporting objects out there...

And a chip without dip? We shudder at the thought. Bruschetta, spinach artichoke, cilantro chive, hummus, cookie butter, jam, salsa, guacamole, you name it. If it can spread or have something dipped into it, it’s dip by our standards. These may seem like low standards, but we like to think of them as more inclusive standards. No dip left behind. 

Matches made in Appetizer Heaven
(or, Pairing Chips ‘n Dips)

The best way to tackle chip and dip pairing? Dive right in. There are no rules! Okay, there might be one rule: make sure the combos taste extraordinary. Follow this one rule, and you’ll have a hard time getting guests to leave the buffet table. And that’s the goal of every successful party, right?

The chip-and-dip web pictured above provides one way to start your journey. Pair any connected chip and dip, and you’ll be well on your way to a triumphant appetizer offering. Alternatively, the below pairings offer specific, intriguing matches that guarantee party-gathering-tailgating success.


BRIOCHE TOASTS ($1.99 for 5.26 oz.) + SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP ($2.99 for 8.8 oz.): 
Crispy, crunchy toasts plus creamy, cheesy dip equals appetizer heaven.

NATURAL JERKY ($5.99-6.99 for 3-4 oz.) + CILANTRO & CHIVE YOGURT DIP ($3.69 for 8 oz.): 
Jerky is a chip, we swear! Especially when scoopin’ up this dip.

PITA BITE CRACKERS ($2.49 for 6 oz.) + MUHAMMARA ($2.99 for 8 oz.): 
Thicker and crunchier than pita chips, these crackers are sturdy vehicles for a robust, walnut and red pepper-based dip.

PRETZEL SLIMS ($2.19 for 8 oz.) + SHARP CHEDDAR PUB CHEESE ($3.99 for 8 oz):
Creamy, spreadable sharp Cheddar cheese transported on a thin, salty pretzel? Yes!

QUINOA & BLACK BEAN TORTILLA CHIPS ($2.99 for 12 oz.) + COWBOY CAVIAR ($2.49 for 13 oz.):
The hexagonal shape of these chips allows for maximum capacity dipping into this kickin', Southwest-inspired salsa.

When Chip Met Dip

While there’s a seemingly infinite number of quick dip options in our aisles, ready for eating, there’s also some fun in whipping something up. Homemade dips always impress, and let you relish in the satisfaction of fashioning your own fare. Below are three recipes for unique, awe-inspiring dips—perfect for your next family gathering, tailgate, Friendsgiving, or dip craving.


Mediterranean Seven-Layer Dip

Pairs with: warmed Pita Bread, Multigrain Pita Crackers, Pita Chips (see a trend…?)

This easy recipe switches up the traditional Mexican-inspired 7-Layer dip. A variety of textures and a hint of spice make this dip a party pleaser. You might even want to use the dip to fill pita pockets. Sounds like we’re onto something…


Hot & Sweet Cheesy Jalapeño Dip

Pair with: Blue or White Corn Tortilla Chips, Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks, crudités

A bit of sweetness—from jalapeños, of all things—accents this extra cheesy, slightly spicy dip. Warm and bubbly with a crunchy topping, this is sure to be a game-day staple. Warning: it is addicting.


Pumpkin Spice Honey Dip

Pair with: sliced fruit, Cinnamon Apple Sticks, Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips, Pretzel Slims

What’s that? A fall-inspired dessert dip? Sign us up. Yes, dip doesn’t just have to be an appetizer. Or maybe it’s an appetizer dessert? No matter when you serve this sweet, creamy dip, the Pumpkin pie spice adds seasonal flair you’ll want to dip into again, and again, and again. 

Seasonal Sips

In need of an autumnal aperitif? These fuss-free options will round out the beverage bar and quench the pre- or post-chip-and-chip thirst at your next fall festival.

Fall Sparkler

This nonalcoholic beverage combines favored fall flavors into one bubbly, bright beverage.


Lemony Ginger Shandy

The extra zing of ginger puts a spin on the classic shandy.


Spiced Harvest Tea

Cozy up to this spiced cinnamon tea on a cool fall morning.

Tis’ the Season for Chips & Dips

We would be remiss if we didn’t highlight some of our stellar only-around-for-the-holidays products that fall under either the “chip” or the “dip” category. Heck, what better reason to throw a seasonal-chips-and-dips party? No matter the chips and dips you choose, the important thing is that they’re out and within arm’s—and mouth’s—reach. One word of advice, if we may: snack these up before the seasons change yet again (and please, do your best to avoid double dipping).

1. PUMPKIN SOUP CRACKERS | $1.99 for 3.5 oz. 
Traditionally, crackers go on top of or in the soup. Here, we’ve upended the soup bowl, so to speak, and filled our crackers with soup. Pumpkin soup. They really do taste like a cup of pumpkin soup. If soup were crunchy.

2. PUMPKIN CRANBERRY CRISPS | $3.99 for 5.3 oz.
These bite-size, loaf-shaped crackers are baked to an incredibly crispy finish, with abundant amounts of tart cranberries and just the right amount of seasonings, including thyme, nutmeg, and turmeric.

Pumpkin seeds add even more crunch to these already crispy crackers, and the cranberries add a bit of “chew” as well as an ever-so-slightly sweet-tart element to the flavor profile. Enjoy with cheese or dips, or as a utensil of sorts for chicken salad or egg salad, in lieu of a more traditional carrier, like bread.

4. PUMPKIN TORTILLA CHIPS | $1.99 for 7 oz.  
Loads of cinnamon & nutmeg amplify the Pumpkin Season profile of these craveable chips. If autumn had a tortilla chip pageant, these Pumpkin Tortilla Chips would be wearing that crown (and wishing for world peace).

5. PUMPKIN SPICE COOKIE BUTTER | $3.69 for 14.1 oz. 
Oh yes we did. Grab a spoon and take a taste – pumpkin pie, right? We’ve even left some crunchy cookie pieces, which are quite good at passing themselves off as pie crust here.

6. FALL HARVEST SALSA | $2.99 for 12 oz.
A traditional tomato-based salsa profile that marries harmoniously with its harvest-centric elements of pumpkin, apples and butternut squash. It’s the ideal sweet-spicy companion to everything from burritos and tacos to scrambled eggs and cheeseburgers (and you thought we wouldn’t put pumpkin on cheeseburgers).

7. PUMPKIN BUTTER | $2.29 for 10 oz.
Our supplier makes this seasonal treat for us by cooking pumpkin purée slowly, in small batches, with sugar and spices. It’s very like pumpkin pie, though there are no eggs or cream in this spread, and thus no fat. Shocking, really, once you’ve tasted it.


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