Eight Candles

November 21, 2017 in Category: What's New

While we at Trader Joe's tend to prefer functional (and more importantly, fun!) over fancy, sometimes special occasions call for a little something extra. On an occasion as special as Thanksgiving, we think it's ok to get a little fancy. And what's more fancy than the soft glow of tapered Candles lighting your thoughtfully prepared holiday meal?

Trader Joe’s Dripless & Self-Extinguising Candles are tall (nine inches tall, to be exact), tapered, unscented, dripless, and smokeless. All the way across the world in the in the Czech Republic, where they take the art of candle-making quite seriously, our supplier dips each Candle’s wick 25–27 times into hot paraffin wax, and once the desired diameter is met, they’re dipped again in an ivory-hued surface paraffin to achieve the perfect color.

Trader Joe’s Dripless & Self-Extinguising Candles are simple, useful, and elegantly beautiful candles—you might even call them fancy. At $2.99 for a box of Eight Dripless & Self-Extinguising Candles, you can also call them a great value. You’ll find them on our shelves with our other household products this holiday season.

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