Citterio 'It's Irresistible' Italian Style Salame Sticks

March 04, 2016 in Category: What's New

There are so many products we offer in our stores that are not available elsewhere. Of course, this includes all of our private label products. It also includes other brand-name items we’ve managed to obtain exclusively. ‘It’s Irresistible’ Italian-Style Salame Sticks is one of those branded products offered exclusively at Trader Joe’s.

These snack-sized Salame Sticks are produced by Citterio (say: "Chee-dare-ee-o") at their U.S. facility, in Pennsylvania—though, they developed the recipe in Milan. This company has produced outstanding-quality aged meats since 1878, when Giuseppe Citterio founded the salumeria.

Here, short and slim Sticks are made from whole-muscle pork. The premium meat is flavored with a special blend of savory spices and a hint of smoke, imparted during the unique drying process. The result is a satisfyingly chewy, meaty-tasting snack.

What really sets Citterio’s Salame Sticks apart is their mini size and convenient packaging. Two individually wrapped packets (connected together) are perfectly portioned for snacking anytime. ‘It’s Irresistible’ Salame Sticks are ready-made for lunch boxes. Each one ounce serving (a single packet) contains eight grams of energizing protein, making this a good alternative to that tired protein bar when you’re hiking, or working out.

Enjoy these Salame Sticks at home, too. Serve some in a fluted wine glass as part of a fancy hors d’oeuvre offering. Chop them up and put some in your omelet, or sprinkle some on a salad.

In the U.S., Citterio snack size Italian-Style Salame Sticks are only available at Trader Joe’s. Each two ounce package (containing two, individually wrapped, one ounce servings) is $1.79. Find them in our refrigerated deli case, along with a number of other exclusive, fine meat products.

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