Cannelés de Bordeaux

March 08, 2017 in Category: What's New

Despite its simple ingredients, the traditional cannelé (“kan-uh-lay”) has always been challenging to make, requiring a persnickety pastry chef. Fortunately, Trader Joe’s Cannelés de Bordeaux have been pre-made for you (our chefs are persnickety enough) and frozen to make your enjoyment of this gastronomical gift a cinch.

Our Cannelés are made in the tradition of pastries first created in the city of Bordeaux (southwestern France). These little cylindrical cakes are baked in miniature, fluted molds, which create a pattern of ridges around the outside of each one. They sort of look like shrunken, elegant Bundt cakes.

Very simple ingredients (milk, powdered sugar, eggs, flour, butter, rum and vanilla extract) are mixed together and poured into traditional molds before our supplier bakes them to perfection. (In the old days, bakers would line copper molds with beeswax to help create their caramelized crust. Today, our bakers use butter; yet still achieve that classic caramelization.)

On the outside, Trader Joe’s Cannelés have a chewy, caramelized crust. Inside, these cakes are velvety, with a custard-like texture and a pronounced vanilla flavor. These are true confectionary marvels, using basic baking ingredients to yield a complex profile. Rest assured, there’ll be nothing complex about your part. Just defrost our Cannelés for about 20 minutes, and then savor them with hot tea or coffee. It’s a picturesque dessert that looks impressive, with a taste that is even more impressive.

We’re selling the 7.2-ounce box of four frozen 1.8-ounce Cannelés de Bordeaux for $3.99. That’s an amazing price, especially because you’re only likely to find these pastries for a premium in a local, boutique bakery. In our stores, you’ll find them in our freezers.

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Milk, Powdered Sugar (Sugar, Cornstarch), Eggs, Wheat Flour, Butter, Rum, Vanilla Extract.

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