Ash Rind Brie

July 10, 2017 in Category: What's New

The fierce heat of the summer has the power to alter food choices considerably. Cooking pot roast in the oven? Not happening—our stomachs and kitchens just can’t handle heavy food requiring the oven’s heat at this time of year.

A cheese board, on the other hand? Why, it’s a perfectly acceptable stand-in for dinner, and one that can be made all the more exciting with the appropriate accoutrement. And the fromage on which we’ve focused to fill our cheese plates (and stomachs) during the fiery month of July is none other than Trader Joe’s Ash Rind Brie.

Ash, typically associated with goat cheese, is paired with fresh cow’s milk to create this luxuriously elegant, slightly earthy, soft ripened Brie. The milk itself is sourced from neighboring dairies, located within 20 miles of the Marin, California-based creamery—an advantage that lends unbeatably fresh flavor and supremely buttery texture to the cheese. The cheese monger’s 150 years of experience is palpable (and tasteable) in each creamy, savory bite.

For the perfect cheese board/summer dinner setup, pair Ash Rind Brie with TJ’s Raisin Rosemary Crisps, a drizzle of honey and a crisp Prosecco. Not in the mood for bubbles? The cheese’s mild, earthy flavor pairs equally well with pinot noir. Add a fresh baguette and a jar of TJ’s Cornichons (you need your veggies, after all), and we’d say that’s a well-rounded summer meal, indeed.

We’re offering each four-ounce wheel of Ash Rind Brie for $4.99, while supplies last. You’ll find them with our other cheeses.

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