All Natural Ground Chicken

October 21, 2016 in Category: What's New

Ground beef is so passé. Okay, maybe not so passé—cheeseburgers will never go out of style. But ground beef isn’t the only player now, at least on the shelves of Trader Joe’s. We also sell Ground Turkey, and now we’re adding yet another choice to our offerings: All Natural Ground Chicken.

Our All Natural Ground Chicken offers an excellent and exciting new option when shopping for ground meat—yes, we think Ground Chicken is exciting. Especially ours, which is antibiotic free and from chickens fed all-vegetarian diets. The meat, a blend of white and dark meat, is 92% lean and 8% fat, giving it a mild flavor and moist profile.

Another hallmark of our All Natural Ground Chicken? Its versatility is unmatched. Form it into patties and serve with all the classic burger fixings. Cook up a pot of chicken chili. Use it as the key ingredient for casseroles, pot pies, meatballs, meatloaf, lettuce wraps, tacos, pasta sauces, chicken stuffed peppers… Okay, you get the idea. When we say versatile, we do mean versatile.

We’re selling each one pound package of Trader Joe’s All Natural Ground Chicken for just $3.49. We love you, cheeseburgers, but we also love choices. Like ground chicken.

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Ground Chicken, Buffered Vinegar, Rosemary Extract.

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