Sweet Plantain Chips

February 26, 2016 in Category: What's New

The Quindío region of Colombia is part of the so-called “coffee triangle” (Triángulo del Café), widely considered one of the best places to grow coffee beans. It is less widely considered one of the best places to grow plantains... but this doesn’t make that fact any less true.

The volcanic soil, altitude, proximity to the equatorial line, and consistent climate make this region an exceptional environment for growing this banana cultivar.

Trader Joe’s new Sweet Plantain Chips start with plantains grown in this very region. Bunches are harvested by hand to reduce bruising. After harvest, the plantains are allowed extra time to ripen to a sweetness of 24 brix (natural sugar content level), as opposed to only 12 brix—a more typical number for other plantain growers.

The profoundly sweet, ripe plantains are also exceedingly soft at this point—almost too soft to cut. Our Colombian supplier carefully peels each plantain by hand, and hand-feeds each one into a cutting machine to further protect the fruit. The sweet plantain slices then take a quick dip in hot palm olein (the liquid part of palm oil), just until perfectly crisp.

When your hand reaches into the bag, you’ll pull out a handful of crunchy “chips” with a sweetness all their own (absolutely no sugar is added). Our 5.3 ounce bag of gluten free, Sweet Plantain Chips is only $1.79. That’s an amazing value—even before you consider the pedigree and provenance of this unique treat. 

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Plantains, Palm Olein.

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