Customer Updates

Questions Regarding Toxic Chemicals In Our Products And Packaging

November 27, 2017

To Our Valued Customers:

We wanted to address some recent customer questions about whether we use “toxic chemicals” in our products and packaging.

At Trader Joe’s, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers and Crew Members. It is with this in mind that we cover the daily work needed to make certain our products meet our stringent expectations. We view this work as ongoing and commonsensical: we are focused on doing the things we do better than we’ve done them before. Historically, it is this approach that has moved us to not allow things like artificial flavors in our products or only use colors derived from natural sources.

While there are aspects of our product supply-chain beyond our direct control, we will never leave to chance the safety of the products we offer. We err on the side of caution and are proactive in addressing issues. We take action quickly, aggressively investigating potential problems and removing product from sale if there is any doubt about its safety or quality.

We won’t sell unsafe products. When we become aware of a potential problem or concern, we address it. We view this type of work as never-ending and we continue to find ways to better meet customers’ needs and expectations.

For example, some years back—when concerns related to the use of BPA were starting to build, we evaluated where and how it was being used within our operation and identified steps to take: changing the receipt-paper used at cash registers to a non-BPA version and working on canned products (eliminating BPA where we could in many products’ packaging and clarifying for customers which product packages still make use of BPA).

We continue to reevaluate our Health & Beauty and Household products, developing and introducing new formulas made without chemicals such as parabens. None of our products contain hidden ingredients; all are clearly labeled.

With more than five decades of experience working directly with the producers of our products, we stand by our proactive practices and are continually improving our safety processes. We take these matters seriously—personally, even, as our families eat, drink, and use TJ's products, too.