Greek Pumpkin Yogurt

Nonfat Greek Pumpkin Yogurt

November 4, 2016—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed. 

Trader Joe’s Nonfat Greek Pumpkin Yogurt is back for it’s fifth Pumpkin Season. The first year it appeared (2012)we figured out the “secret formula” for the yogurt itself – subsequent years have been devoted to figuring out how to get enough of it to keep the shelves full.

This is thick and creamy Greek yogurt, high in protein (18 grams in each eight ounce container), with live, active cultures like L. Acidophilus, S. Thermophilus, and L. Bulgaricus – there’s plentiful evidence to suggest these help in digestion. It’s made with real pumpkin purée (that’s the second ingredient, right after skim milk) and a blend of seasonal spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves). Close your eyes and you just might think you’re eating a spoonful of pumpkin pie. If you’re craving pumpkin pie but it’s breakfast time and you just can’t justify that, there’s no need to justify a cup of Trader Joe’s Nonfat Greek Pumpkin Yogurt. After all… it’s yogurt! With active cultures! And a mere 180 calories per cup! Just the thing to enjoy at the start of an active autumn day. We’re selling eight ounce cups for the excellent price of $1.29, every day – during Pumpkin Season, that is. You’ll find it in the yogurt section of our dairy case.

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