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True tales from Trader Joe's, Your Neighborhood Grocery Store.

Trader Joe's in Silver Lake, CA introduces the "The Budding Artist Series."

Much hipper than the local coffee shop gallery, the Silver Lake Crew welcomes local schools to submit student art work to display on their walls for the entire community to enjoy for an entire month.

In return, the crew welcomes the students to take a tour of the store (while their works are up on display) that includes a small "Thank You" party, in which the artistic accomplishments are celebrated and the students get to learn about Trader Joe's. There are, of course, some tasty Trader Joe's treats involved.

From local grammar schools and high schools, "The Budding Artist Series" has grown to encompass a broad range of community organizations.

Curious? Stop in and see the feature exhibition at:

Trader Joe's Silver Lake
2738 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
Trading Hours: 8 am — 10 pm
Phone: 323-665-6774