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Pickled Strawberries w/ Black Pepper & Thyme

Pickled Strawberries w/ Black Pepper & Thyme

Serves: 4 Prep Time: 20 Minutes



Cut the tops off strawberries, then cut each in half. In a medium sized nonreactive bowl (any bowl EXCEPT that made of aluminum, cast iron or copper) dissolve sugar, honey and salt in the red wine vinegar. Stir in mint, thyme and pepper then gently fold in strawberries. Place contents into a glass jar with a resealable lid and store in the refrigerator. Ready to eat immediately, but will develop more flavor overnight. Each batch should keep for an additional week or two in the refrigerator. If any off flavors or smells develop, or if you notice fermentation, please discard. Pairing & Serving Suggestions: Try them over a bagel with cream cheese, with granola and yogurt or atop angel food cake with whipped cream. They also add an interesting twist to a tomato-less Caprese salad or a bed of mixed greens.

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