Chicken Satay Party Skewers

The holiday season presents so many great occasions for cocktail receptions, parties with passed hors d'oeuvres or family "finger food" dinners.  Trader Joe's Chicken Satay Party Skewers fit into the plan for any of these occurrences, whether a more sophisticated soiree or a casual feast.

Inside each box you'll find 12 Chicken Satay Party Skewers, each made with marinated, grilled, moist & tender chicken, threaded onto small bamboo skewers.  Each piece is a good-sized bite, and the skewer makes it easy to dip the chicken into such creations as peanut sauce or yellow curry sauce (check out our grocery aisle for even more possibilities).  And if presentation is a priority, the hand-knotted ends of each skewer make these look much fancier than something you can heat in the microwave in less than three minutes – which, in fact, they are – and costs less than four bucks – which, in fact, they do.  We’re selling each seven ounce box of 12 Chicken Satay Party Skewers for $3.99.  You'll find them in our freezers.

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