A Tale of Two Cheeses Brie & Blue

We tend to love foods that are multifunctional.  Like our Tale of Two Cheeses.  This is a simple, wooden cheese board and teak knife, adorned with substantial wedges of two of our favorite cheeses, Brie and Blue; if the shapes of the wedges don't give it away, the color of the wrapping on each piece should tell you which is which.

We love that these cheeses are creamy & flavorful.  And we love the multifunctional part, too – that cheeseboard & knife combo.  If you bought those separately, you'd no doubt pay more for just the board & knife than our price of $6.99 for the whole shebang.  And they turn some simple cheese wedges into a unique hostess gift – ideal at this time of year.  You'll find Trader Joe's A Tale of Two Cheeses in our cheese case, of course.

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