Mild Cheddar Snack Sticks

Mild Cheddar Snack Sticks Trader Joe's Mild Cheddar Snack Sticks are hand crafted from high quality, mild Cheddar cheese made in the Badger state using milk from a farmer-owned dairy cooperative. Like their traditional string cheese cousins, these sticks are individually wrapped, making them easy to pack in a lunch or for snacking on the go. Just grab a couple for your pocket and hit the road! You may be tempted to stereotype these sticks as "kid fare", but trust us: this is really good Cheddar, made using the traditional milled curd method, that just happens to be conveniently wrapped. It's worth bringing with you.

Trader Joe's Mild Cheddar Cheese Snack Sticks (each containing 12 sticks) are a great source of protein and have no carbohydrates. Each 10 ounce package contains 12 sticks of creamy, flavorful Mild Cheddar for $3.99, every day.

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