TJs Petit Reserve Chardonnay Mendocino County

June 9, 2014—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

Trader Joe's Petit Reserve Chardonnay Mendocino County is a lovely, straw-colored wine from the climatically diverse Mendocino appellation. It's lightly oaked, so its bright, clean, butterscotch nose and citrus & green apple flavors shine through. It's a complex wine, but not a complicated one, so it's right at home at a summer barbecue or at a poolside party. Serve it with dinner or as an aperitif, paired with cheese or simple appetizers at a casual cocktail party. We're selling each 750ml bottle for $5.99, a terrific value you'll find only at your neighborhood Trader Joe's.

*TJ Petite Reserve Chardonnay Mendocino County is currently available in Trader Joe's stores where wine is sold. It is $5.99 (plus tax) unless otherwise noted here: VA, NJ, NC, GA, NM, NH, SC, KY, FL; $6.99. Alcohol availability & price may vary due to state laws, taxes, shipment fees & other such stuff. (If we could, we would.)

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