Arrabiata Sauce

Arrabiata SauceAugust 19, 2013—Fearlessly Archived—Still a fun read; price & availability may have changed.

The Italian word Arrabiata translates, in English, to "angry," but we don't think this sauce will provoke anger. To the contrary, we're quite certain a smile will emerge with each slightly spicy bite of Trader Giotto's Arrabiata. Vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh garlic, roasted red peppers and fresh sweet onions... Our supplier crafts this sauce in small batches using the finest ingredients, grown in California - making it easier to control the quality of every jar - and adds a touch of extra virgin olive oil for an added dimension of flavor.

Serve Trader Giotto's Arrabiata Sauce with your favorite pasta - tradition dictates penne, but because traditions are meant to be challenged, we suggest our Farfalle Pasta. It also makes a very flavorful lasagna. Simmer seafood in this sensational sauce for a spicy seafood stew. A medley of Italian sausages, onions & bell peppers, cooked slowly in Arrabiata Sauce , is a super sandwich filling and satisfying pizza topping. Also super satisfying is our price of $3.29 for each 25 ounce jar. Nothing to be angry about here.

Spicy Seafood Pasta

Spicy Seafood PastaGet the recipe!

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