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Sprouted Red Jasmine Rice

September 01, 2014 in What's New

Rice, like a young child, has unrealized potential. When a child “sprouts,” she begins to walk, talk, and grow all of those fabulous attributes that make humans such interesting creatures. Trader Joe’s Sprouted Red Jasmine Rice may not walk or talk, but having been allowed to sprout—even just a little bit—it possesses an enhanced character, making it a much more interesting cereal grain. Coming from the Chiang Mai area of northern Thailand, our special variety of long grain Red Rice has not been milled, leaving the germ intact. Its reddish-brown exterior comes from the presence of anthocyanin (pigment) in the...

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Thai Lime & Chili Almonds

March 04, 2014 in What's New

We’re nuts about the Thai Lime & Chili flavor profile! The heat from the piquant chilies glows when accented with the delicate, citrus-y essence emanating from the leaves of the Thai Lime tree. This lively flavor combination easily embraces the rich, meatiness of nuts. Our Thai Lime & Chili Cashews already beckon the bold and the beer drinkers. This got us thinking, what if we combined this winning flavor phenomenon with...

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14 Shrimp Nuggets

February 24, 2014 in What's New

Trader Joe's 14 Shrimp Nuggets are our new favorite way to enjoy these versatile crustacean delicacies. While visiting shrimp farmers in Southern Thailand, our buyer partook in the creation of tempura-battered, panko-coated shrimp patties. Luscious and crispy, the burgers were beautiful. It’s no wonder they’re a popular street food in countries like Japan. But our buyer imagined that making them into smaller, finger-friendly bites would create even more compelling eating opportunities. As it turns out...

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