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Organic Mixed Baby Kale

September 23, 2014 in What's New

You’ve heard of baby spinach, baby lettuce, and Baby Huey—okay, perhaps we’re dating ourselves with that last one. So let’s replace Baby Huey with Baby Kale, Organic Baby Kale. Since Kale is the current darling of the food scene, and Baby Huey was once the darling of the Saturday morning cartoon scene, we think it’s a good switch. Trader Joe’s Organic Baby Kale consists of several varieties of kale that have been naturally bred (using ages-old hybridizing techniques) to be more tender and less bitter than their “adult” counterparts. How can this be? It’s the...

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Thomcord Seedless Grapes

August 14, 2014 in What's New

These dazzling, dark-purple gems came to be as the result of crossbreeding Concord and Thompson grapes. They have the blue-black hue and aromatic flavor of the Concord (think of the grape juice or grape jelly from your childhood), with a touch of Thompson sweetness. And while we absolutely love their Concord grape flavor, we think their very best quality comes from the Thompson side of the family—they’re seedless! Yes, friends, seedless! (You may find a small, edible “trace seed,” much like the white seeds in watermelon, but we promise these are free of actual grape seeds.) If you’re fans of...

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Yellow Tomatoes on the Vine

July 31, 2014 in What's New

Most of us think of certain colors when specific fruits and vegetables are mentioned. You know, Bell peppers - green, carrots - orange, tomatoes - red, etc. But most everyone has seen (or tasted) fruits and veggies that have been cultivated to display unexpected colors. Our Yellow Tomatoes on the Vine are a fantastic example of naturally bred tomatoes with incredible color and remarkable texture and flavor. Our grower—located in Canada (summer through fall), and Mexico (winter through spring)—experimented with over 300 yellow tomato varieties for more than eight years before finally settling on this one. Of course...

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