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December 26, 2016 in Category: Entertaining

With holiday shopping behind you, and turkeys and hams a distant memory, another year is almost in the books. And while the stroke of midnight on December 31 symbolizes a fresh start, we think it’s equally important to gather with loved ones and toast to times gone by. This collection of treats and tipples will infuse the sparkly spirit of the New Year into celebrations large and small—party hats not included. So what are you doing New Year’s Eve?

Truffled Treats

Ring in the New Year with your favorite bottle of bubbly and these sweet, bite-sized baubles.

Chocolate Marbles
$4.99 | 6.5 oz.

With flavors of Crispy Cookie, Almond Praline, Chocolate Mousse and Coconut, we think you’ll find these truffled French “marbles” much tastier than their glass counterparts.

Strawberry Champagne Truffles 
$4.49 | 5.28 oz.
We’re convinced the creamy champagne- and strawberry-flavored filling inside these festive truffles is at its absolute best with a glass of champagne.

Blackberry 75

This fruity take on the classic French 75 can pull double duty at your midnight toast and  New Year's Day brunch.

Blackberry Spritzer 
$3.49 | 750mL
The sweet berry flavor of this lightly carbonated Spritzer is balanced with a touch of lemon juice and real fruit purée that adds sophistication to any cocktail.

Blanc de Blancs Brut Sparkling Wine 
$5.99 | 750mL
Blanc de Blancs is a dry, crisp, and citrusy sparkling wine from France, with flowery aromas, delicate fruit flavors and just the right amount of bubbles.

The Art of the Still Organic Gin
$13.99 | 750mL
This Organic Gin is made from a single vintage of organic corn and disitilled to taste, resulting in refreshingly dry herbal flavors of juniper and sage.

Pickled Vodka Tonic

For a savory sip when the clock strikes 12, try this Pickled Vodka Tonic, complete with an edible stirrer.

Cocktail Stirrers
$4.49 | 17.6 oz.

Keep a jar of these Cocktail Stirrers on hand and you’ll always be ready for last-minute guests. Imagine how impressed folks will be when you can make a fancy cocktail at the drop of a hat. On a Tuesday.

The Art of the Still Organic Vodka 
$13.99 | 750mL
This Organic Vodka is creamy on the palate and provides a clean, crisp base for your favorite vodka cocktails.

Tonic Water with Natural Lime Flavor
$3.99 | Six - 8 oz. cans
Unlike other tonic waters, we use pure cane sugar instead of synthetic sweeteners. We've also added natural lime flavor, making the need for fresh limes obsolete (though we have them on hand in our Produce section, if needed).


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