Sweet Chili Chèvre

August 08, 2014 in What's New

When we think of cheese and milk in the U.S., we think cows. However, much of the rest of the world thinks goats. And though we might not classify chèvre (from chièvre, Old French for “goat”) as exotic, we still tend not to enjoy it all that often. Consider Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Chèvre an excellent excuse to add more goat cheese into your diet!

More similar to human milk (than is cow’s milk), chèvre is also easier on the digestive tract. It has a more tart taste due to a higher proportion of fatty acids (than are present in cow’s milk cheese). And, it’s salty—although the saltiness we’ve come to associate with chèvre is not a flavor inherent to goat’s milk, but rather an historical remnant from a time when extra salt was added as a preservative in the absence of refrigeration.

Our Sweet Chili Chèvre is not only tart and salty, but it also has a wonderfully sweet and spicy pepperiness. The soft, creamy cheese (made from pasteurized goat’s milk) is coated on the outside with crushed, sweet, Red Bell peppers, giving it a red-orange hue. Inside, the cheese has evenly distributed Piri Piri peppers. (These exotic and spicy peppers—Africa’s “red-devils”—give our Sweet Chili Chèvre its goat-worthy kick.) Additional ingredients like onion, garlic, paprika and parsley enhance the savory-spicy flavor. All these flavor attributes pair especially well with beer. Try the hoppy, Mission IPA to enhance the spice, or a maltier brew like Providential Belgian Style Golden Ale to balance it.

You’ll kick yourself if you don’t get a kick out of this cheese before it’s gone. Five-ounce pieces of Sweet Chili Chèvre are available in limited supply starting in August, for $2.99.

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Pasteurized Goat’s Milk, Red Bell Peppers, Piri Piri Peppers, Sea Salt, Onion, Garlic, Spices (Paprika, Parsley), Olive Oil, Citric Acid, Sweet Paprika, Cheese Culture, Microbial Enzyme.

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