Master-at-Miso Winners

June 23, 2014 in

Your votes have been cast, and we have hooked the first ever Trader Joe’s Master-at-Miso! Congratulations to Kim Eades of Greenville, SC for your Miso Salmon & Pineapple Salad! Innovative, approachable, appealing and—mm, mm—tasty, your miso-savvy serving has set a new mouthwatering standard. Three cheers also to our 1st Runner-Up—Maggie McMahon of Roseville, MN, your Miso Caramel Rolls had us licking our lips and our finger tips in an unforgettable savory-meets-sweet sensation. And, of course, kudos to our 2nd Runner-Up—Kim Thai of Huntington Beach, CA, your Easy Miso Dressing has been described as “edible elegance.” To all of our winners and contributors, we express our gratitude for enlightening us about the many wonders of this mouth-filling umami seasoning—Trader Joe’s Mild Yellow Miso.


Miso Salmon & Pineapple Salad

Miso Salmon & Pineapple Salad

By Kim Eades - Greenville, SC

Miso Salmon & Pineapple Salad combines passion for the relation of family and food with a penchant for culinary creativity. This dish was inspired by an amazing restaurant encounter and deftly retooled to deliver a “we all cleaned our plates….. even the kids!” experience.  


Master-at-Miso 1st Runner-UpMiso Caramel Rolls

Miso Caramel Rolls

By Maggie McMahon - Roseville, MN

Miso Caramel Rolls –  Move over bacon! Hello, Miso! In this vegetarian adaptation of an original Bacon Caramel Roll recipe, Miso is used to give this pastry that element of “why is this so delicious?” wonder. The hint of saltiness mingled with the sweet, the rich umami complexity... The Miso dimension creates a uniquely craveable dessert.


Master-at-Miso 2nd Runner-UpEasy Miso Dressing

Easy Miso Dressing

By Kim Thai - Huntington Beach, CA

Easy to make. Easy to love. Easy Miso Dressing evolved from a commitment to always crafting vinaigrette from scratch, starting with a simple base of oil, vinegar, and shallots. The umami flavor that the Miso gives is transformative. Make a huge batch, put it in the fridge and give it a shake before tossing it with salad. Use it as a quick marinade (about 30 minutes) for shrimp, before skewering and grilling on the BBQ.