Throw A Fiesta - TJ's Style

May 05, 2015 in Entertaining

Throw A Fiesta - TJ's Style

A signature drink can set the tone of a fiesta. Inspired by the Margarita, a legendary beverage that carries as many great origin myths as it does recipes, we started mixing and blending using our fresh Limeade as the base. With only four simple ingredients: water, sugar, lime juice, and lemon juice, it’s bright and quenching with a [fist pump] tartness to it. It is the essence of refreshment and welcomes the creation of a cocktail. Desiring a lush, thick texture and exotic edginess, we added chunks of Organic Frozen Mango, quite possibly the most popular fruit in the World, and quite frankly some of our best selling. We played with a few more additions, until we found the perfect balance for our Mango Limeadita. Begging for a salted rim, and welcoming tequila, only if you want it, this beverage will bring some serious buzz to a fiesta.

Taquito-ladas recipe

Now a signature drink deserves a signature dish. We just couldn’t decide. Taquitos? Enchiladas? Both. Taquito-ladas—oh, yes, we did. We start with Trader José's Black Bean & Cheese Taquitos, which use the finest corn tortillas (made with only corn, water & lime) that are rolled, individually, around an umami-rich-with-a-little-kick filling of black beans, mushrooms, Jack cheese and jalapeño peppers. Then we layer it on, starting with our mildly spicy, classic Enchilada Sauce, Cheddar Cheese, Hatch Chilies, Black Olives and Green Onions. In the oven for 20 minutes until the cheese and sauce are bubbling and—Ta-qui-to-LA-das, Ta-qui-to-LA-das! They’re tasty enough for song and are easily separated into sensible servings. Of course, should you prefer, you could also try Sassy Slaw Fish Tacos… Just don't forget the Guacamole!

Churro Ice Cream recipe

Para postre – postre!! (On top of everything – dessert!). We’ve reconstructed fiesta classics—churro & fried ice cream—into a Churro Ice Cream novelty: Super Premium French Vanilla Ice Cream, Pita Chips with Cinnamon & Sugar, Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce & Fried in Coconut Oil Bananas. Ahora que es una fiesta! Now that’s a party!

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