Cold Pressed Green Juice

July 08, 2014 in

Juice is fluid fruit. It’s veritable veggies. It’s all the goodness of fresh-picked produce, pulverized to a pulp and delivered up in a cup with nothing else added… at least, that’s what juice should be. Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Green Juice IS just as it should be.

Each 15.2-ounce, 100-calorie bottle contains an impressive seventeen kale leaves and one whole pound of spinach. Kale is rich in beta-carotene, calcium, and vitamins K and C. Spinach is a good source of iron, folic acid, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins A, C, E, K, and B6. To these nourishing greens, we add one large apple, a quarter of an English cucumber, one stalk of celery, one lemon, and two inches of ginger—“juicing” it all in a slow hydraulic press for maximum liquid extraction. Once bottled, our juice goes through a cold water pressure method called High Pressure Processing (HPP). This process guarantees a juice that’s safe to drink, without reducing its nutritional benefits or fresh flavor.

Now, on to more pressing issues… How does it taste? Trader Joe’s Cold Pressed Green Juice has a leafy-green aroma and a balanced, fresh-vegetable flavor. The smooth, bright-green liquid finishes with notes of ginger and tart lemon. A subtle sweetness comes from 11 grams of sugar—not one gram of which was added by us.

One single question remains: With all the trendy cold pressed juice bars popping up, why choose to buy your juice from Trader Joe’s? 15.2 ounces of 100% juice for just $4.99—that’s why! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a similar Green Juice at such a value anywhere else.


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