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We’ve Lost Our Heads for the Kouigns of Hearts

February 10, 2015 in Product Stories

Sure, we love our roses, hearts and chocolates just as much as the next Romantics. For some Valentines, the cliché is more than okay. But what about your punch-you-in-the-gut Passions? They deserve nuance and… umph! For these Loves, we suggest crowning the Kouigns (queen) Amann with homemade Coconut Caramel Sauce. Yeah, that’s right – caramelizing caramelized cake – that ought to show your punch-you-on-the-gut Passions just how much you care...

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Butter You Up

February 09, 2015 in Product Stories

Call us old-fashioned—acts of bravado and grandeur may win hearts in Hollywood—but real charm is easily (and equally romantically) found in everyday life. Take, for example, Clarified Butter—the distillation of creamy, smooth butter. Also known as Ghee, it brings richness, warmth and the purest butter intensity to whatever it graces—a slice of toast, a skillet of vegetables… a tongue...

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Kettle Popped Sweet & Salty Popcorn Chips

February 08, 2015 in Radio Spots

These are not regular corn chips. They’re made with popped whole yellow corn, not ground corn. So, instead of tasting like tortilla chips, they really do taste like popcorn; in the semi-flat, almost-fluffy, just-about-round shape of a chip. They’re delicious...

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