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Worthy Wines to Pair and Share

December 12, 2016 in Category: Wine Insider

December holds many opportunities for celebration. Which wines are party-worthy? Here are five we’ve chosen (there are many more on our shelves). We think each one of these wines is worthy to share—whether entertaining in your home among family and friends, or presenting with a bow at your neighbor’s doorstep. We’ve also paired these wines with five diverse cheeses in hopes that as this year comes to a close, Trader Joe’s can help you create a few more occasions worthy of remembrance…

Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls

December 11, 2016 in Category: Radio Spots

For centuries, spice traders closely guarded their secret sources of cinnamon. This made cinnamon mysterious, and even more desirable. Imagine the surprise of the world’s cinnamon lovers when they discovered it was simply the inner bark of a tree..

The Cheese Stands Alone. Together.

December 11, 2016 in Category: Radio Spots

Are you bored with your cheese board? Let Trader Joe’s guide you to the cheese of your dreams...

Happy Holidays

December 11, 2016 in Category: Radio Spots

Spending time with family this holiday season shouldn’t mean spending all your hard-earned money, and at Trader Joe’s, you don’t have to...

Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets

December 09, 2016 in Category: What's New

Black Eyed Peas, Cream, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Smashing Pumpkins, Cake, The Cranberries… all top-notch bands named after top-notch foods. Such successes have inspired us to turn one of our new products into its own rock band. Ladies and gentlemen… Trader Joe’s presents: The Crispy Crunchy Mochi Rice Nuggets! We discovered these tasty little Nuggets in an airport in Japan and instantly fell in love. They’re made in Japan from the same glutinous rice as...


December 07, 2016 in Category: What's New

The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing. Thankfully, Dukkah (pronounced DOO-kah) is here to take us forward as one of the Winning Wonders of the Trader Joe’s World. Dukkah is a blend of nuts, seeds, and spices with roots in Egyptian cuisine. There are no hard and fast rules about exactly what goes into the mix, and different families and restaurants are known to add their own “secret” touches. Sesame seeds and coriander appear to be mainstays, though, and both make an appearance in Trader Joe’s Dukkah. These savory seasonings are joined by...

Sponge Candy

December 05, 2016 in Category: What's New

From the moment our Product Innovator first presented it to our tasting panel, we were intrigued by this unique, hard-to-find candy... Some folks knew exactly what to expect when they heard that Sponge Candy was on the menu that day (oh, the nostalgia!), but the rest of us? The rest of us were stumped. Sponge Candy? What exactly were we in for? The answer was as simple as the product’s ingredients: we were in for something delicious—and now you are, too! Trader Joe’s Sponge Candy contains four primary ingredients...

Organic Roasted Teriyaki Seaweed Snack (6-pack)

December 02, 2016 in Category: What's New

Seaweed grows in the ocean—not in fields on land—so the idea of “organic” seaweed may seem a little strange. What, then, makes Trader Joe’s Organic Roasted Teriyaki Seaweed Snack, “organic”? In farming conventional seaweed, farmers typically use food-grade acid to eliminate the presence of unwanted species growing on the underwater crop. Instead of using these chemicals, the South Korean farmers who grow the seaweed for our Organic Seaweed Snack use two natural methods to control pests. Seaweed is grown on ropes that are...

Spiced Chai

December 01, 2016 in Category: What's New

Many of us have come to know Chai Tea as a hot, sweet, black tea beverage that is blended with milk and a variety of spices. In fact, the word Chai simply means plain ol’, regular “Tea.” This means that when you order “Chai Tea” in your favorite local café, what you’re really asking for is...